How to Sell things to make Money


People often sell things to make money. However, it is not always easy to know how to do this. There are different ways that you can sell items and the method you choose could depend on the type of items you are selling. A few of the main methods that people use are described below.

Car boot sale

A car boot sale can be a good way to sell lots of lower value items. If you have a lot of things that you no longer need but want to get rid of such as books, clothing, toys, games, household items, DVDs etc then this could be a good way to sell them. The cost to sell is not a lot of money and so will only need to sell a few things to make that back and then you will be able to make a profit on everything else you sell. You will not be able to price things too highly though, so if you have items that you feel will be worth quite a bit of money, then you may be better off trying to sell them another way. It is also best to do a sale when the weather is good because more buyers will go and you will have a bigger chance of selling more. Also arrive early because you will then have a chance of selling to everyone, if you arrive late then some of the buyers will have already left.

Table top sale

This is a similar to a car boot sale but it is inside which means that it can be done even if the weather is not good. You may not be able to sell as much as it is likely that the table will be smaller than the boot of your car. You may find you get less potential buyers as well, but it will depend on the location and the publicity it gets. Car boot sales tend to be busy because they are so many sellers but with a table top sale there is likely to be less sellers as the venue is likely to be smaller than a field used for a car boot sale.


Selling online is popular and eBay is one of the more popular sites for doing this. It does charge a fee for listing items for sale and when you sell them and you will also be charged a fee by Paypal for processing the payment. This means that it is a good idea to only sell items that you feel are worth a significant amount or else you may not make enough money to cover those costs. You can look at what has sold and how much for so that you can calculate whether it will be worth you selling these items on the site.

Amazon marketplace

You can sell mainly books here but it is possible to sell other products too. There s no listing fee but Amazon will take a percentage of the selling amount and the postage. You will need to therefore make sure that you charge enough to allow for this. They also have strict rules about selling certain items, where you have to rent warehouse space for them to distribute the items rather than you having them and selling from home. This is only in certain categories but can make it too expensive to sell those specific items.

Car boot apps

There are car boot sale aps where you sell as if at a car boot sale but virtually. This will have advantages as many more people can potentially see it compared to a proper car boot sale but you will need to post the items so there will be the hassle of doing that. There may also be fees for selling, depending on the app that you choose.

Social media for sale pages

Some social media sites have groups or pages where you can sell things locally. This can be useful because can come and collect things form you or you can deliver it easily. They can pay in cash if they want to as well. It is also free to list the items for sale so you have nothing to lose by listing them. However, sales tend to be slow.

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