Public Services

With Police Force, Military and Health Services, the public services are some of the most important career paths that a pupil can undertake. At the Academy, we produce hard working, moral and „outward facing‟ pupils that want to give back to society and support others in ensuring a cohesive community. We develop highly skilled pupils that are well attuned to the world around them.

Even if pupils do not wish to continue on the Public Services pathway, we are proud that they leave the department with knowledge and skills that will ensure they are successful in any walk of life. With activities outside of the classroom, such as the Duke of Edinburgh Award, accessed by all pupils, Public Services gives pupils the unique opportunity to develop practical and survival skills along with academic skills developed in the classroom. Pupils leave the department as leaders, with the discipline and fortitude to succeed.


Year on year the department builds on previous successes and consistently meets the performance of other schools and academies both locally and nationally. Our staff are highly skilled and motivated to support our pupils in achieving academic and personal successes. Public Services boasts a 100% pass rate for the last three years, with the vast majority securing D* grades (the equivalent of A*). Each and every pupil is highly motivated to succeed and build on their success whether that be further education or employment.