Product Design

Design and Technology is at the forefront of everything we touch, everything we see and everything we do. It‟s hard to imagine a world where nothing is created or designed. Learning how to solve problems purposefully and creatively is a valuable skill for any pupil and can be applied across a whole spectrum of subject areas. This year, The Hundred of Hoo Academy is launching its triple suite of Design and Technology Subjects: GCSE Product Design, GCSE or BTEC Engineering (decision pending) and GCSE Hospitality and Catering. With such a breadth on offer, there is a Technology pathway for everyone; suiting their skills and interests.

With an imminent review, being undertaken by the Government, Regarding the Business, Economical and Infrastructural needs of the country and education‟s role in developing our future workforce, Technology will be at the forefront of that review; any child that undertakes a Technology route will be securing a bright future in a highly desirable and demanding area of work.


The first cohort of pupils following this course are well on their way to successful completion in 2016. It‟s broad appeal and creative potential has meant 30% increase in both male and female pupil numbers which are due to complete in 2016.