Modern Foreign Languages

At The Hundred of Hoo Academy, pupils will have an exciting opportunity to study French or Spanish or perhaps even both. French or Spanish GCSE is a course which opens doors and we actively encourage every pupil at The Hundred of Hoo Academy to opt for at least one language.

This exciting GCSE course is designed to build upon the programme of study that pupils have already followed in Key Stage 3, and it can also be used as a stand-alone course for those starting to learn a new language from scratch. This qualification gives pupils fantastic opportunities to encourage and develop their:

Learning and understanding for further study
Ability to understand and communicate effectively
Grammar and the ability to apply it
Understanding of language in its cultural context
Ability to use foreign languages for practical purposes at work and leisure
Enjoyment and intellectual stimulation

Pupils will study for their Language GCSE in a stimulating, interactive, fun environment, and will be supported throughout by highly motivated and dedicated staff who are passionate about their subject. In order to facilitate learning, pupils will be offered at least one major trip each year, which might be Barcelona or perhaps Costa Rica for GCSE Spanish, Marrakech in Morocco or Quebec in Canada for GCSE French. These educational trips will allow pupils to practise their language skills, as well as allowing them to see language in real-life context, its usage and its value in the real world.


The department boasts highly successful results, with improvements in results and cohort sizes year on year;

With Spanish achieving:
2012/13: 30% A*-B, 82% A*-C, 100% A*-E.
2013/14: 30% A*-A, 90% A*-C, 100% A*-E
2014/15: 49% A*-B, 98% A*-C, 100% A*-E

Our current cohort are on track to achieve: 20% A*-A, 58% A*-B, 90% A*-C and 100% A*-E.

With French achieving:
2012/13: 40% A*-B, 100% A*-C
2014/15: 40% A*-B, 85% A*-C, 100% A*-E