The Mathematics curriculum at the Hundred of Hoo Academy is one which prepares pupils for success at GCSE and beyond. The curriculum has been designed to support the development and mastery of fundamental and functional mathematical skills that not only prepares pupils for adult life, but also for post 16 Mathematics courses. With a successfully embedded curriculum, the Academy‟s GCSE results in recent years have continued to improve, with the percentage of pupils achieving a Grade C or above in Mathematics increasing and are in line with national averages.

The Key Stage 4 curriculum now boasts a wide range of objectives that are increasingly related to the wider context of real life and relative application. Alongside pupils developing their mathematical skills, mathematical fluency, their ability to problem solve, reason and communicate mathematically, has become a core focus within the curriculum content. To support the development of these skills, specifically designed tasks are used that encourage pupils to engage with more complex scenarios and problems. This has also become a key element in the examination where pupils are required to communicate and reason their mathematical findings.


The Mathematics Department has continued to increase attainment, from 42% A*-C in 2011 to 63% A*-C in 2015. We are now one of the highest performing Mathematics departments of non-selective schools in Medway and are one of four schools whose results improved in 2015. This phenomenal rise is attributed to consistent outstanding teaching and our pupils‟ aspirations for success.