In a world that revolves around Technology the Hundred of Hoo Academy gives pupils an exciting opportunity to study ICT through a course that will provide them with practical and employment based context to ensure they are well prepared for the world and it‟s technological growth. We provide an exciting and innovative curriculum which is regularly reviewed to ensure that all our pupils develop up to date knowledge and skills fit for the 21st century workplace. At Key Stage 4 we offer the Vocational ICT course, designed to build upon the programme of study that pupils have already followed in Key Stage 3.

It is our aim to stimulate interest and enjoyment in the study of ICT, developing pupils‟ knowledge, understanding and capabilities of ICT. We encourage pupils to develop an understanding of the wider applications and effects of ICT solving problems through the use of information systems and associated principles and techniques. The Department provides experiences which are challenging, stimulating and where appropriate directly relevant to the present and future needs of the pupils.


The Department has consistently been one of the highest performing in the Academy. Last year saw 12 of 14 pupils secure the highest grades at GCSE and 100% of pupils securing A*-C equivalents in the vocational course delivered at A Level. All pupils are on track to meet or exceed their target grades this year at both Level 2 and Level 3 .