At the Hundred of Hoo Academy we believe that History is not just the study of the past but an essential subject in helping us to understand what is happening in the world today and how our future will develop. Even though we live in an ever changing world our future is clearly connected to events in the past and in particular the events of the Twentieth Century which are still shaping our world today. Our aim is to ensure that you are well prepared for the future and our exciting new course now covers a wide range of Historical periods by ensuring that you understand the journey that the world has taken in the past 1000 years. A focus on British History will ensure that you fully understand the way our country has developed and the impact History has had on our National identity, culture and beliefs. Our enthusiastic team provide the support and challenge to pupils and the resources to excel in leading their learning of the past and its impact on today.


There has been a year on year improvement in pupils gaining A*-B grades over the past three years and in 2015 Pupils gaining A*-C rose by 18%. History is a popular subject at GCSE with the uptake growing and in 2015 we achieved above National average in the controlled assessment with 50% of Pupils gaining grade A or above in this unit and 95% gaining grade C or above in controlled assessment.