Globalisation has changed our world forever. Everyday we read newspaper articles, watch television programmes and hear stories of how the world is changing or the impacts of climate both physical and economic. Studying Geography will enable pupils to acquire and apply knowledge and understanding of physical and human processes; also interactions and outcomes over space and time through the study of places and environments. Development of higher order skills including critical understanding of how the physical environments interact with human activities to produce unique dynamic patterns from a very local area to global scales, will challenge and stimulate. In a rapidly changing world, Geography will ensure that all pupils have a greater understanding of their place within it and the skills to evaluate global situations. This will broaden their knowledge to make them an exceptional member of society.


As the Geography Department continues to develop and the numbers of pupils accessing Level 2 continues to increase, so do the number of pupils achieving the highest grades. 2015 saw a staggering increase of 15% in the number of pupils achieving A*-C grades against 2014 results. Key Stage 3 results and current Year 10 and 11 progress demonstrates that this figure will continue to rise over the coming years.