Business and Enterprise

The Business Studies Department has exceptionally high standards and aims to provide pupils with the skills and knowledge required in an ever changing economic society. With a focus on unlocking the potential of what could be the most exceptional business minds in the country, we provide a challenging and stimulating curriculum that will develop and support the next Richard Branson or Karen Brady.

With strong links to Enterprise across the Academy, the Business Department gives all pupils the opportunity to work with others to develop ideas, and challenge themselves both logically and creatively. Universities and employers are not simply interested in academic performance, they are interested in those that have demonstrated a wide-ranging engagement in community life and activities outside of the classroom. This is something that Business and Enterprise will certainly ensure.

We strongly believe that the fundamental aspects of Business underpin any work place, be it in financial, education or manual occupations such as Plumbers or Electricians. We give every pupil a strong footing and ensure that they have the vital skills to be successful in the future.


The Business Studies Department is one that continues to grow year on year in both numbers and successful outcomes. For the past two years the Departments results have been exceptional. 2013/14 saw 100% of pupils achieving a Distinction*, the equivalent to A*-A, while 2014/15 again saw the vast majority of pupils securing Distinction* grades; something that was mirrored at Level 2. A large number of pupils go on to study Business at the next level of education.