Intervention and study support

At the Academy we believe that pupils should have every opportunity to make progress both in and out of timetabled lessons. Our pupils greatly benefit from these opportunities which broaden their knowledge, allow them to discover new skills and support them to make the very best use of their time.

To embed core subjects and make time for further enrichment we are open at weekends and during academy holidays; offering revision and master classes as well as residential stays, day trips and summer schools. At Hoo, every hour of every day is devoted to children learning and no time is wasted. We dedicate one hour at the end of every day to provide a multitude of enrichment activities that allows pupils to extend their skills and knowledge, thereby ensuring they make rapid progress even when lessons are complete. Every subject across the Academy provides these opportunities throughout the year. This means that there are a broad range of sessions on offer which cater for a range of different individual pupils. Sessions are personalised by class teachers to meet the specific needs of every pupil.

Pupils can also attend enrichment sessions throughout the Academy holidays and on Saturdays in the lead up to the Examination season. Sessions are advertised regularly through teachers, our website, ‘SchoolComms’ and personalised timetables. Our Academy ensures that pupils who attend after-school sessions are able to travel home on an early-evening bus.

Personal Home Study Club runs in the evening, Monday to Thursday, to support pupils with any Home Study issues.

Please see below useful revision websites.

If you require any further information on revision websites please do speak to your child's teachers.

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