Posted on: March 2nd 2018

Year 11 Pre-public examination revision material

Dear Parent/Carer,

 This week Year 11 began sitting their Pre Public Examinations. With the inclement weather descending on the UK we have postponed these examinations. When the weather has improved these examinations will recommence and therefore it is vital that your son/daughter uses their time at home to continue their revision and exam practice so that they are fully prepared for their PPEs.

 With such little time remaining for our year 11  pupils until they undertake their final examinations it is imperative that our forced closure does not impact on their learning and progress. This is time our pupils can not afford to lose! 

 Therefore please support your son or daughter by ensuring you are insisting they undertake work as set both on classcharts by their class teachers, and as attached to this communication. 

  • Maths – use Mathswatch alongside the “Months Maths” attached. There are Mathswatch assignments set on Mathswatch. Students need to login and complete these online. Mrs Fissenden will be rewarding the highest and most productive users of Mathswatch during our Snow Day Closure Days to support your revision and preparation for forthcoming PPEs.
  • English – use the attached revision resources for English PPEs.
  • Science – use the attached checklists to ensure you have the knowledge for your PPEs in your revision folder and then use the Educake website to test your understanding.

All C2 Revision

Combined Biology Spec Check

Combined Chemistry Spec Check 

Combined Physics Spec Check

Maths - February

Maths - March

Triple Biology Checklist

Triple Chemistry Checklist

Triple Physics Checklist