Posted on: January 5th 2018

Medway Foodbank Challenge 2017/18

Over the past few years, our very own Miss Foreman has worked tirelessly to support Medway Street Angels by running the 'Foodbank Challenge' at the Academy.  She challenges all of us to gather and donate as much food and other day-to-day items as possible to support those less fortunate and on the streets of Medway.

In the summer and Christmas periods of 2017, your kind donations managed to fill Miss Foreman's truck 'Beastie' to the brim!

The presentation below explains a little bit more about how the donations are used to support others.

Foodbank 2017

A huge thank you to all that donated and, a special thank you to Miss Foreman for her organisation of the challenge, making us aware of those in need and why it is important to help them when they need it most.