Posted on: October 9th 2017

Year 11 see Much Ado about Nothing at The Globe

In preparation for their GCSE Literature exam, on Monday 21 May, 30 year 11 pupils were fortunate to experience an exciting production of Much Ado about Nothing at The Globe, London.

The reviews had suggested we were in for a 'magnificent' and 'exceptional' afternoon and it did not disappoint.  The comedic relationship between Beatrice and Benedick was portrayed exceptionally well and our pupils were laughing alongside the other groundlings.

The Hoo characteristic of resilience was definitely tested when it started raining throughout act one.  One pupil, Eleanor Kitto, was modelling our expectations excellently by purchasing a poncho and continuing to dance to the engaging live music!

Despite being set in Mexico, our pupils were able to visualise the love story between Claudio and Hero and really understood the key scenes.  It was fantastic to see Archie Osenton and Jack South relaying their quotes alongside the character's lines.

Pupils will be examined on this text on 21 May 2018 and we look foward to the positive impact this will have upon their revision.

Much ado 2