Posted on: September 21st 2017

A historical day!

The Hundred of Hoo Academy an All Through Academy 

The Williamson Trust is proud to announce that The Hundred of Hoo Academy's new Primary building has opened its doors to the 2017 - 2018 cohort.  A collaboration between Medway Council, Local Authority and The Trust has resulted in a modern, spacious, purpose built Primary phase which will serve the local community.

The Academy's high expectations were met on this momentous day with all pupils demonstrating a readiness to learn through the wearing of their immaculate uniform. Children and staff were visibly excited as they settled into their new learning environment. 

The new Primary building is a one form entry, currently being occupied by three classes:

Reception  - Da Vinci  

Year 1 - Berners- Lee 

Year 2 - Cousteau 

Our Teachers reflected on their first day

"Our new cohort of Reception children had a fantastic first day. They enjoyed exploring their new school environment and settled in quickly. Already, I have seen acts of kindness and great listening skills. What an impressive first day of what I am sure will be an amazing first year at the Hundred of Hoo! Well done!" Miss Kunaseelan.

“I was so impressed with how impeccably behaved our Primary pupils were today and how maturely they adapted to our beautiful new classrooms and wonderful teachers. Today, I have continually felt an overwhelming sense of pride to belong to such a wonderful school community. I would also like to extend my thanks to our Primary parents who have supported their children effectively in behaving as model Hoo pupils.” Miss Brading.

“The first day in the new build was a great success. The children begun the day working as a class to decide the classroom rules that they will follow in their new school; the children then signed these new rules to show their willingness to abide by them. This set the high expectations right from the start. The children then moved on to share their recounts of the summer holidays and decided what they enjoyed the most. In the afternoon, the children got creative! After a show of hands at the end of the day it was clear that the children had enjoyed their first day in their new school and were eager to return!” Miss Blackwell


Mr Vyse, CEO of The Williamson Trust said "today marks a significant milestone in both the history of The Hundred of Hoo Academy and the Williamson Trust"


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