Posted on: July 6th 2017

Warnings over use of new Snapchat feature

The online App ‘SnapChat’ has launched a new feature that allows its users to share their exact location with people on their "friends" list in real time.

This has raised "serious safeguarding concerns" because children could be tracked on the map.

The accuracy of the location-sharing feature could be used to "build up a picture of home addresses, travel routes, schools and workplaces".

While location information is shared only with people on your "friends" list, that could include people you do not actually know, such as friends met on other apps and websites.

As a school we consider part of our safeguarding duty to advise you of this latest update to ensure that you remain safe when using social media, as we are aware that many students may have Snapchat contacts who are not close friends or family and in some cases are unknown.

For more information regarding this and other online safety concerns please visit: