In Key Stage 1, the expectation is that you read with your child every night for at least 10 minutes and record this in their Link Book.

There will also be weekly phonics homework which is differentiated to highlight the phonemes that they have been covering that week. This will be sent home every Friday and should be returned every Wednesday.

Every week, there will also be Maths and English centred homework. It will be used to enhance the pupils’ mental recall of number facts and basic English skills.

Every term there will be project homework to be completed. It will be linked directly to the current topic theme and will have an overarching title. The pupils will be able to choose how they present their project. Examples could include –

  • Making a 3D model

  • An information book

  • A scrap book

  • A PowerPoint presentation

  • A detailed picture

    The idea behind project homework is to encourage imagination and creativity in how the children approach their work.

    The focus and theme for the project homework will be sent home on the first Friday of every term and should be returned on the second to last Friday of every term.