Year 1 projects and photos

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Year 1 say Namaste!

Throughout the last three weeks of term 1, Berners-Lee Class had copious amounts of fun learning all about Diwali; the festival of light.  We read the astonishing story of Rama and the Demon King and even wrote our very own versions of it.  We created intricately designed Diwali lamps and created stunning Diwali cards using iPads.  The most exciting part was when we tasted traditional sweets.  Some we loved but some we weren’t sure about! 

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Year 1 Food Faces

Inspired by our food theme, Berners-Lee Class explored the work of Guiseppe Arcimboldi.  He drew pictures of people but instead of using their real features he used different foods!  We decided to recreate our own faces using various fruit and vegetable.  We had to think careful about what to use for the different features of our faces.


Year 1 make Mr Wolf's Pancakes 

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Year 1 Mathmaticians

This week we have been hard at work exploring addition and subtraction.  The end of the week saw us solving challenging real-life word problems in the contexts of measures.  We worked with our learning partners to choose the best manipulative to help us find the answers.

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Year 1 Meets Nick the Chef

Term 1 was off to an exciting start when Berners-Lee Class finally got to meet Nick the Chef.  Before the summer, he had sent as a letter asking for help and unbelievably he came to visit us!  He helped us to learn about different fruit and vegetables that we can cook with.  We then took a trip over to the secondary school kitchens and made our very own, mouth-watering pizza muffins under the watchful eye of Nick the Chef.  The pizza muffins were delectable!

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Year 1 become Pizzaiolos

​On Tuesday November 22 Berners-Lee Class in Year 1 visited Pizza Express to create their very own pizzas.  They used a range of mouth-watering toppings to create delicious masterpieces.  Their behaviour was a credit to the school and the chef was extremely impressed with how meticulous they were with their creations.

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Year 1 Show and Share

Our topic “Big Chef Little Chef” is coming to an end and to celebrate our learning, Year 1 held a “Show and Share” afternoon for our parents to come in.  We started the afternoon off with a song and then were presented with certificates by Nick the Chef.  We then shared our fabulous learning journeys with our adults by looking at our Maths, English and Creative Learning Journals.  91.66% of parents attended and the afternoon was a real success.

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