Our Curriculum

At the Hundred of Hoo Academy, we believe that every pupil is entitled to a broad
and balanced curriculum embedded in a range of engaging and inspiring themes.
Each theme begins with a stimulating hook which will encourage the pupils to
enquire and explore learning possibilities. Our delivery of the curriculum is carefully
moulded to ensure we are fulfilling the expectations of the National Curriculum but in
a way which suits the needs of individual learners. To enhance understanding, we
ensure there are opportunities for our learners to engage with educational visits and
workshops. Above all, we ensure that pupils feel empowered to aspire, achieve and
excel in every learning experience they encounter.

We are in an extremely fortunate position to have access to the resources and
expertise from across the Academy. On a regular basis, we utilise and liaise with
many of the departments to support us in delivering aspects of our curriculum to an
expert level. This also includes weekly PE sessions with a PE specialist.

PE is organised on a fortnightly timetable as follows:

Week 1 (Red Week) – Monday and Tuesday
Week 2 (Blue Week) – Thursday

Please ensure that your child has their PE in school in readiness for their PE
sessions. This also includes the removal of studded earrings.



Page Documents Date  
Year 1 Booklist.pdf 29th Jan 2017 Download
Year 1 Curriculum TIP Term 1 and 2.pdf 29th Jan 2017 Download
Year 1 Curriculum TIP Term 3 and 4.pdf 29th Jan 2017 Download
Year 1 Maths.pdf 29th Jan 2017 Download
Year 1 Reading.pdf 29th Jan 2017 Download
Year 1 Writing.pdf 29th Jan 2017 Download
Year 1 Curriculum TIP Term 5 and 6.pdf 13th Jun 2017 Download