• Theme of the Fortnight is 'Resilience and Determination'



Welcome to the Hundred of Hoo Academy website.  Our aim is to transform lives by developing high achieving articulate young people who progress onto University or a career of choice and in turn make a positive contribution to society. We are ambitious for all of our pupils and they are expected to work hard in a highly aspirational and well-disciplined environment.  To this end we are relentless and robust in implementing our high standards and expect parents to wish the same for their children.  We are a very proud member of the Williamson Trust and we look forward to working with parents to secure an improved future for all.


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  • 4/01/2018 Miss Boyns, our Head of Performing Arts from the Secondary phase, has been teaching Berners-Lee Class (year1) how to utilise their drama skills to be robots and act out life in a robotic manner. Some exceptional acting skills on show! Read more
  • 4/01/2018 runs through the heart of the Academy from Primary to Secondary. Year 2 have been describing the different British Values and how they link to their own learning experiences in the Academy. Read more
  • 4/01/2018 Da Vinci Class (year R) have been learning how to identify, define and sort 2D and 3D shapes this afternoon in their carpet time for Maths. Counting faces of pyramids, cylinders and extending their discussions to spheres! Read more
  • 4/01/2018 The wonderful benefits of being an cross-phase Academy and having subject specialists teaching primary lessons! Today Mrs Amos from the secondary phase was teaching year 2 how to stretch their hamstrings and how to pass properly in their PE lesson. Read more
  • 4/01/2018 Cousteau Class (year 2) have been revisiting their skills in telling the time this week and are now extending this to do calculations with time! Read more
  • 4/01/2018 Beautiful portfolio work from Sarah Jayne Murphy in year 9 GCSE Textiles. Our broad curriculum is enabling pupils to develop high quality and well refined skills in the Arts! Read more