Welcome to the Hundred of Hoo Academy website.  Our aim is to transform lives by developing high achieving articulate young people who progress onto University or a career of choice and in turn make a positive contribution to society. We are ambitious for all of our pupils and they are expected to work hard in a highly aspirational and well-disciplined environment.  To this end we are relentless and robust in implementing our high standards and expect parents to wish the same for their children.  We are a very proud member of the Williamson Trust and we look forward to working with parents to secure an improved future for all.


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  • 7/12/2017 Our Theme of the Fortnight is 'Momentum and Self-Discipline', staff are fully committed to ensuring pupils maintain momentum in their learning with 10 Academy days remaining! Every second counts... Read more
  • 7/12/2017 Congratulations to all pupils who took part in National Novel Writing Month. Our total word count for the month was 53,414 words. These certificates will be issued next week to pupils who reached 100% of their own targets! Read more
  • 6/12/2017 School Direct Application School Direct is a school-based teacher training route led by schools UCAS portal NOW OPEN the MTSA are recruiting for Primary and Secondary phases For more information Read more Read more
  • 6/12/2017 Tickets for our Christmas Carol Concert are now available at: Read more
  • 6/12/2017 Fancy an adventure? Come and buy one to delve into at our Book Fair! We are based in E1 at break or lunch this week and have lots more in store... Read more
  • 6/12/2017 A pleasure to see our young people arriving with such enthusiasm and independence at the Primary, adjusting to new systems with great maturity and resilience. Our morning line-up procedures support pupils and teachers to swiftly enter classrooms ready for learning to begin! Read more